Musical Instruments for School

musical instruments for schoolmusical instruments for school

It's the start of another school year, and this year you've been asked to supply a musical instrument for your child. Perhaps a flute or a trumpet, or maybe a guitar or set of drums. Here at Shire Music we have everything you need to give your child the very best start. Not only do we carry a range of instruments especially designed for school use, but we offer expert advice based on over forty years of experience in the music industry.

musical instruments for schoolThere's really no need to rent an instrument any longer, as there are now excellent quality starter​ musical instruments for school at very low prices. Our own brand, AXIOM, offers students a chance to own a brand new instrument with a 2 Year Warranty for less than the cost of renting. With violins starting at $89.95 and wind instruments from $149 the AXIOM range offers parents a great alternative to more expensive instruments, especially when they are not sure if the child will continue! Click here for more info

If you require something superior we offer the JUPITER range of wind instruments. Starting with the NUOVA series from $349 and moving up into the JUPITER series there is an instrument to suit every player, from the complete beginner to the serious player. Click here for more info

So come and talk to us today, or call or email us for advice on your child's needs. We'd love to hear from you! Or click on the links below for more information on musical instruments for school