Maton Mini Maton EMS/6

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The Mini Maton is a small bodied guitar with a very big voice. Though it is a lot smaller than a standard dreadnought, this guitar packs a punch well above its weight.

Soundboard "A" Grade Solid Sitka Spruce
Rosette Laser Cut M logo design
Back Solid Blackwood
Sides Solid Blackwood
Neck Queensland Maple
Headstock Queensland Maple
Fingerboard Rosewood/Dot Inlays
Bridge Rosewood
Finish Natural Satin
Pickup AP5
Pick Guard Black with Gold "M"
Machine Heads Chrome Grover Rotomatic


SKU 190481
Brand Maton
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg

A beautiful instrument

By: on 29 May 2017
I had to go to a conference for a week in the USA. I've been to lots of conferences before and always missed having my guitar with me. My standard guitar is a Gibson Les Paul. So I did some research. I wanted a guitar to travel with that I would be happy to have and play at home too. After endless YouTube clips and some trials it came down to three. The Baby Taylor GS, the Little Martin, and the Mini Maton. Most of the reviews I read and/or listened to favoured the Baby Taylor GS. It has a big bright sound, just like a big bright guitar. The Little Martin has a bright sound too but not as bright as a big guitar. The Mini Maton is different. Unplugged it is its own beast. It sounds different. Not a mandolin but different. It is very easy to play. It feels close enough to my Gibson Les Paul to make an easy transition in chords and lead. Plug it in to an amp and it will blow your mind. It fills the space. I love the thing. I haven't played my Les Paul for a few weeks now. I just want to get more out of the Mini Maton. Now back to the travel. It comes with a great hard case. That is important. You can try to take your travel guitar as carry on but the airlines are cunning about this. Most of them have a length limit of 85cm. Almost all travel guitars are 87cm or longer. So what does this mean? It means that if the flight is not too crowded then you can probably take it on. But if the flight is crowded they will be able to say it does not fit within the limits. So you have to be prepared for it to go below. Bubble wrap and duct tape are a must here. It worked for me except that the US Homeland Security intercepted it and broke the latch on the case. But the guitar inside was in great shape. Fill the empty spaces up with socks etc and loosen the strings. I really enjoyed having the guitar with me. Well worth taking. It's going to go everywhere with me now. I love it. I got the Mini Maton EMS6. I love the timber. It's a beautiful beast. I guess the cost could be a barrier but if you haven't saved for anything in your life this is a good place to start. This is an Australian icon.

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