Buying a School Instrument

Author: David Hines   Date Posted:14 July 2015 


So your child has come home and told you that he or she wants to be in the school band and needs an instrument. What do you do?

Rent or Buy?
One of the biggest problems in deciding whether to buy a school instrument is the question: Will my child continue? Children can often lose interest in things, and the last thing you want is to be stuck with an expensive instrument that nobody plays! However, there is a Catch 22 in this: If your child does not have a quality instrument to practice on he or she will become frustrated and almost certainly give it up. So what to do?

In days past, when instruments were expensive, the best option was to rent an instrument and if the child really took an interest to then buy. However, with the quality and pricing of instruments nowadays it is much more cost effective to buy outright. With rentals at around $40 per month even a six month rental will cost $240, and if the child does not continue it is "dead money". We have excellent instruments available from $149, which can easily be resold to other parents should your child not continue.

Which Brand?
Yamaha used to be the standard for school instruments, when they were made in Japan and represented good value for money. However, these instruments are now made in Indonesia yet still cost the same as the previous Japanese models. For this reason we
believe the new range of MASTERCLASS instruments from Suzuki are the best value for the student. They are superb quality, come in a heavy duty flight case and are covered by a two year warranty.

We also highly recommend our own brand AXIOM, which offers unparalleled quality at a bargain price. These wonderful instruments allow the parent to purchase their child a brand new instrument for a very reasonable price with the security of a 2 Year Warranty. If the child continues past the two years we recommend upgrading at some point to one of the superb instruments from the JUPITER range.