Buying a Piano

Author: David Hines   Date Posted:14 July 2015 

How to choose a piano for the home A piano for the home is an important investment.


A piano for the home is an important investment. A quality acoustic piano can last for over 50 years and will be an important part of the decor of your house and one which will reflect your sense of taste and culture. Your piano is an investment. Unlike many other purchases such as cars or appliances, a good piano will keep its value over the next ten years or more. So it makes sense to take a lot of care when buying your piano.

If someone in your family is learning to play the piano, they will enjoy the experience a lot more if they are practising on a good quality piano with a pleasant tone and a responsive touch.

Traditional Acoustic Piano or Digital Piano?

Firstly, it is important to understand the difference between an electronic keyboard and a digital piano. An electronic keyboard uses plastic keys on springs, often only 61 or 76 keys, wheras a proper digital piano has a full set of 88 Hammer Weighted keys which respond exactly like those in an acoustic piano. Many music teachers are unaware just how good digital pianos are nowadays and still confuse them with the inferior electronic keyboards.

A digital piano allows you to practice quietly with headphones. They also offer extra sounds such as Harpsichord and Strings. In addition, a digital piano is more affordable to buy and requires no ongoing tuning or maintainance. Finally, a digital piano allows you to connect to a computer for writing and scoring music. In our opinion, unless you are seriously studying for a high level exam a digital piano is the most suitable option, especially if you choose one of the higher nodels with real timber keys and hammers,

Acoustic Pianos
A traditional acoustic piano offers the ultimate in piano performance and response, as it uses real strings, timber sand felts to create the sound. If you are a serious student, or you wish to have the beauty and elegance of a real piano we stock a range of quality new pianos fromfamous Australian company BEALE. Call us for more information.