Shopping for Music at L Brands!

L Brands is a clothing store chain. That someone would go to shop for music there sounds crazy. Yet that is exactly what I set out to do, last week. You see, I am a musician, and I specialize in composing/writing songs for other singers. And as anyone who has ever tried to write a song will tell you, the hardest part in the music composition process is that of getting inspiration. That is why artists are known to engage in all manner of eccentrics, as they search for inspiration. It is against that background, then, that I ventured into one of the local L Brands outlets, to ‘shop for music’ (as in, to look for inspiration). I reckoned that while at, I could also buy a shirt or two for myself.

Just as I was entering the L Brands store, I encountered a woman and her two children – spoilt brats for sure. I couldn’t help noticing how much of a hard time they were giving her. Perhaps I could get inspiration for a song from that incident? So I thought to myself. A song about brats — the lyrics even started to flow in mind.

In the first section of the store I ventured into, I found a couple of young ladies holding hands while playfully admiring the dresses on sale. Best friends perhaps? Or they could even be sisters. Still, they had a certain aura that somehow caught my attention. Perhaps I could craft a song out of that experience? Perhaps, indeed.

At the checkout counter, I found the cashier deeply distracted. Peeping through the corner of my eye, I could see that she was struggling to access the L Brands’ aces etm login page on her smart-phone. Was she trying to see when she was scheduled to be off-duty? Or was she trying to see how big her next paycheck would be? Of course, I couldn’t ask her – but I thought that perhaps I could craft a song from this experience too. Perhaps the title of the song would be ‘my next paycheck’ or ‘my next off-day’? I could feel the lyrics already starting to flow in my mind.

Then I stepped out of the store.

Looking back, I had gotten quite a few viable ideas for songs at the L Brands store, just as I had set out to do.