4 Strategies to Help You Come Up With Good Music Lyrics

If you wish to come up with good music lyrics, you need to:

  1. Have a good idea of what your song is all about: So the idea here is to be very clear on the topic (the main theme) you are singing about. Only then will you will be in a position to figure out how to tackle it lyrically in an appropriate manner.
  2. Create a simple chorus that everyone can sing along to: You come to realize that in most cases, the songs that are considered ‘good’ are those that have simple chorus verses that all people can sing along to. So this is something you need to consider when writing your lyrics.
  3. Use a great deal of humor: Having identified the topic/theme you are to sing about (see tip 1) above, you need to find ways of tackling the topic in a humorous way, in order to entertain your song’s listeners. Remember, music is supposed to be entertainment.
  4. Ensure that your lyrics fit well into the melody: That is why many people consider it a good idea to first come up with the melody, then get lyrics to fit into it. But even if you decide to start with the lyrics first and do the melody later, you should nonetheless ensure that the lyrics and the melody sync well.
  5. Listen to other songs for lyric writing ideas: The idea here is not for you to copy other musicians’ lyrics. On the contrary, the objective is for you to listen keenly to other musicians (especially those who are considered good), to try and understand what the secret to their lyric writing prowess is. This is still what you would be expected to do, even if you were engaged in other creative processes — like if you were a software designer. Suppose, for instance, you were an online software developer, and you were told to design an online portal for a certain company’s car dealership department. Wouldn’t you, in that case, consider visiting other similar portal – including GM’s global connect portal in order to get practical ideas? What then, is wrong with you [as an upcoming musician] listening to other established musicians’ lyrics, in order to get lyric writing ideas from them?

How to Market Your Music Online

There are several strategies that you can use to market your music online.

First, you need to consider setting up a YouTube channel. Once you have the YouTube channel, you can upload your music there. Then, with your music uploaded onto your YouTube channel, all you would need to do is encourage your fans to visit and subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can then monetize the whole thing through Ad revenue: where you would be earning money whenever the folks who visit your channel/view your music videos are exposed to ads. It is a straightforward arrangement. When you come to think of it, the procedure you need to follow is as simple as that of checking your prepaid card’s balance at www.prepaidcardstatus.com.

Secondly, you need to consider uploading your music onto online platforms where people can pay for it. So here we are looking at platforms like Apple’s iTunes as well as the Shopify platform. Those are just the most famous ones. There are lots of other similar platforms, operating on smaller scales. And even if you earn little revenue from each of them, you can still end up with a reasonable amount of money cumulatively.

Thirdly, you need to consider setting up a website through which you can sell your music directly. The process of setting up such a simple website (through which you can be selling your music) is not as hard as you may fear initially. Neither is the process of getting traffic to your music-selling website likely to be very hard — especially if yours is good music and you already have a solid fanbase.

Fourthly, you need to consider setting up social media accounts for the purpose of marketing your music. Through the said social media accounts, you can be letting your fans know whenever you have new releases, so that they can buy them. You can also use the social media accounts to direct fans to your YouTube channel as well as the various platforms on which you are selling your music. You can be sure that at least some of your fans will heed your calls and proceed to buy your music – especially if it is truly good music.

Paying for Music Using a Target Visa Gift Card

If you have just received a Target Visa gift card, one of the things you can spend the money (in the gift card) on is music. So this is to say that you can pay for music using the Target visa gift card. That is especially the case if you are shopping for music at an online store. Almost all online music stores accept payments through debit cards, and the Target Visa gift card is essentially a debit/prepaid card. Payment for music through the Target Visa gift card may also be possible if you are buying the music at a brick and mortar music store. If you have opted to shop for music at a brick and mortar store, the reality is that majority of the brick and mortar music stores nowadays accept payments through cards. And that means they are likely to be in a position to accept Target Visa gift card payments.

The first step in this process is to come up with a list of the musical recordings you will be seeking to buy. So you come up with the list of songs you are interested in. The second step is to identify the specific music store where you will be buying the music. Two important considerations will come into play here: the music store you opt for has to be one that actually has the songs you are interested in on stock, and also one that is willing to accept payment via Target Visa gift card.

The next step is to visit the music shop you identified, pick the recordings you are interested in, and proceed to pay for them through the Target Visa gift card at the checkout point. It may obviously be a good idea for you to first check the Target Visa gift card balance, before offering the card as payment for the music you will have purchased. Otherwise you would run the risk of offering the Target Visa gift card for payment, only for the card to turn out to be short of funds…

Selling Music to L Brands Employees

One of my new year goals is that of setting up a music shop. I have always had the desire to run a music shop, and this seems to be the year when I will be actualizing that desire. It is an enterprise where I will be selling recorded music, as well as musical instruments and spare parts for musical instruments.

The location I have identified for my music shop is close to the local L Brands store. This means that the L Brands employees (or associates, as they are referred to at www.associateresourcesetm.com) are likely to be among my key customers, if things go as planned. The other people who come to shop at the L Brands store are also likely to be among my key customers. I am also planning to advertise widely, on both social media and traditional mainstream media, in order to get even more customers for my music shop.

I have already undertaken feasibility studies for my music shop business. Part of the feasibility study entailed trying to sell music to the L Brands employees (who are among the customers I will be targeting). So I just posted a banner, close to the L Brands store gate, inviting the L Brands employees and their customers to visit my website and download some music from there, at a small fee. The objective was to see how many of them would heed the message in the banner. And the response turned out to be amazingly good. Within a couple of weeks, more than 200 L Brands employees had visited my music selling site, and 15 had actually paid and downloaded the music from there. That state of affairs gives me confidence that my business idea of selling music to L Brands employees is viable. In any event, other than the L Brands employees, I am also targeting the people who will be coming to shop at the L Brand stores. Those alongside the people who will be popping into my store after coming across my social media and mainstream media ads. I simply don’t see how this business can fail.

Shopping for Music at L Brands!

L Brands is a clothing store chain. That someone would go to shop for music there sounds crazy. Yet that is exactly what I set out to do, last week. You see, I am a musician, and I specialize in composing/writing songs for other singers. And as anyone who has ever tried to write a song will tell you, the hardest part in the music composition process is that of getting inspiration. That is why artists are known to engage in all manner of eccentrics, as they search for inspiration. It is against that background, then, that I ventured into one of the local L Brands outlets, to ‘shop for music’ (as in, to look for inspiration). I reckoned that while at, I could also buy a shirt or two for myself.

Just as I was entering the L Brands store, I encountered a woman and her two children – spoilt brats for sure. I couldn’t help noticing how much of a hard time they were giving her. Perhaps I could get inspiration for a song from that incident? So I thought to myself. A song about brats — the lyrics even started to flow in mind.

In the first section of the store I ventured into, I found a couple of young ladies holding hands while playfully admiring the dresses on sale. Best friends perhaps? Or they could even be sisters. Still, they had a certain aura that somehow caught my attention. Perhaps I could craft a song out of that experience? Perhaps, indeed.

At the checkout counter, I found the cashier deeply distracted. Peeping through the corner of my eye, I could see that she was struggling to access the L Brands’ aces etm login page on her smart-phone. Was she trying to see when she was scheduled to be off-duty? Or was she trying to see how big her next paycheck would be? Of course, I couldn’t ask her – but I thought that perhaps I could craft a song from this experience too. Perhaps the title of the song would be ‘my next paycheck’ or ‘my next off-day’? I could feel the lyrics already starting to flow in my mind.

Then I stepped out of the store.

Looking back, I had gotten quite a few viable ideas for songs at the L Brands store, just as I had set out to do.

Hello to Music

Welcome to the Music is life. I am saying this because listening to music can make you to relax or getting pumped to perform an activity. That is why runners like listening to music to keep them relax and motivated to keep running. And the music also keeps them focused because running doesn’t use the mind. So when they are running, their mind will be wandering around to things such as what is going on in their life or to their present scenery.